About us

The Hamster Hotel was started by hamster lovers. The idea for a fuss free luxurious hotel experience was born when one of the owners, being 8 months pregnant, was looking for reliable accommodation for her 4 babies, but was unable to find any, as the available options required owners to bring down their own cages and supplies - which is impossible for a heavily pregnant lady with 4 oversized cages.

Hence The Hamster Hotel experience is centred around ensuring that you and your hamsters can both enjoy a stress free holiday. We don't just hamsit your babies. We will be there for you all the way if you require emergency vet visits, we are experienced in palpation and body checks to ensure that if anything happens while you are away, we will detect it early.

Our hotel suites are fully decked out in a naturalistic theme, with various materials, substrates, complimentary forage and deep bedding to cater to little burrowers, foragers, or pancakes. Don't worry about weird bacteria, we provide UV sterilisation!
Hamster boarding Singapore
See you soon!
  • Have experience with fostering or caring for hamsters?

    Looking for :
    Guest happiness crew AKA hamster cleanup slaves (Part time/full time)
    Min age : 18

    Experience required, vet students welcome

  • Perks

    • No dress code
    • Flexible work schedule
    • Sometimes we have group dinners at beauty in a pot and we order wagyu
    • Be surrounded by your favourite fluffy little furballs
    • Click to drop us your CV!